Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds
for Pregnancy


1. Improved Blood Circulation

Sleep City recognizes that many pregnant women suffer from swollen hands, ankles, and feet. We recommend Serta Adjustable beds help to reduce that swelling and improves blood circulation by taking the weight off the body and allows the elevation of the limbs to improve blood flow.


2. Reduces Joint Pain

If you’re pregnant and you may have more joint pain than usual, an adjustable bed can offer relief by taking the weight and pressure off the joints while you sleep. Sleep City offers a wide variety of Serta Adjustable beds for you to choose the one that suits your comfort and budget best.


3. Helps to Avoid Neck or Back Pain

Neck and back pain are common in pregnancy as the baby grows and throws off your natural balance and center of gravity.  A Serta Adjustable bed from Sleep City can help you avoid pain while encouraging restful sleep during your pregnancy and long beyond.


4. Provides Comfort

Pregnancy causes of mood swings in many women and getting a complete night’s sleep can certainly enhance your mood.  Serta Adjustable beds help you get to sleep and stay asleep to help you start each day in a positive state of mind and free from discomfort caused by the wrong bed.  At Sleep City we will work with you to find the perfect Serta Adjustable bed to fit your budget and make your nights restful.



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