Acima Leasing makes it possible.*

This flexible, lease-to-own solutions can help you take home the mattress you need.

Instant Shopping Power

Acima will purchase products up to your lease line amount for lease to you.

Thousands of Choices

Use some or all of your lease line for merchandise at thousands of retailers.

The No Credit Option*

Get the things you want without using credit or increasing your debt.

Easy Payment Options

Make flexible payments that are conveniently scheduled with your payday.

Not a loan or credit card

With an Acima lease, you aren't buying today. Acima owns the leased item until you make all the lease renewal payments. If you do not use an early purchase option, you may pay more than double the retail price. You always have the option to purchase early and own it for less.

You can purchase early & save

You always have the flexibility of our "early purchase option." When you're ready, pay a lump sum and own immediately. The sooner you do, the more you save!


Whether it's a stylish new futon for your dorm or apartment, quality beds for the kids' bedrooms, or a luxurious new mattress for your master suite, Sleep City has the experience, the selection and the genuine compassion to help you make the best choice.

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