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It is widely recognized that an old or poor quality mattress can lead to and aggravate health conditions including back problems and poor sleep habits. The proper mattress will allow the spine to rest and rejuvenate during the night and can improve your overall wellness.

There are several mattresses we highly recommend for help in healing low back problems.The old rule “firm is better” does not necessarily hold true today. Many people now prefer pillowtop mattresses, yet we do not recommend them for long term back support as they tend to soften more as time goes on.
Several of our Serta models are specially designed to relieve pressure points and are a source of relief for fibromyalgia and arthritis patients.With the wide variety of mattress choices and support systems on the market today, it is crucial to do your homework and be sure to work with a mattress expert who is highly trained in understanding your health needs. Matching your sleep style to the best possible mattress choice will improve your health and wellness.

According to a recent Oklahoma State University study, a new mattress provided sleepers with significant improvements in their sleep and general health, including*:

70.8% in sleep comfort
62.0% in sleep quality
55.3% in back pain
50.7% in spine stiffness
*As compared to sleeping on a mattress five years old or older.

Whether it's a stylish new futon for your dorm or apartment, quality beds for the kids' bedrooms, or a luxurious new mattress for your master suite, Sleep City has the experience, the selection and the genuine compassion to help you make the best choice.

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