What do I look for in a new mattress?

The answer to this varies based on the type of sleeper you are…back, side, stomach?
What are your concerns? Example: A memory foam mattress has superior pressure point relief while an iSeries may work better for someone with low back pain. Every mattress has it’s strengths and weaknesses and we take pride in matching your needs to help you GET THE BEST NIGHT’S SLEEP!

I suffer from chronic back pain. Can a new mattress help?

Absolutely, it is probably the single most important thing you can do to help your low back pain! We have worked with local chiropractors for years and recommend several different mattresses for long term support and proper spinal alignment. By investing in a high quality supportive mattress set, your muscles can relax and, allow the mattress to support your spine. Come by soon and try an iComfort or iSeries.

My legs and arms fall asleep at night, can a new mattress help?

Most people’s shoulders and hips are the heaviest and widest parts of the body. While you are lying down, your body weight can cause increased pressure to these areas. When your entire body weight is supported by your hips and shoulders, the increased pressure tends to reduce proper blood flow to your arms and legs. This decreased blood flow causes a tingling sensation known as “falling asleep”.

A mattress that promotes reduced pressure points and increased blood flow will reduce the likelihood that your limbs will fall asleep while you are sleeping. 

How long should a mattress last?

With proper use and care, a high quality mattress set should last you 7-10 years. Typically, any problems that occur with mattresses do so in the first year of use. Make sure to rotate your new mattress to allow the foam to settle evenly.

As an industry leader, premium Serta Mattress Sets come with full 10 year warranties to protect you against manufacturer’s defects.

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