Adjustment Period

Normally it takes your body several weeks to become accustomed with the feel and support of your new mattress set - just as you might expect with a new pair of shoes. Also, the new materials in the comfort layers may take a little time to conform.

Body Impression

The padding layer on a new mattress will start to settle immediately. The resilient materials used in these mattresses are designed to conform to your body's contours. The load (supporting ability of the comfort layers) does not change as a result of the settling process. This is not a structural defect or a warranty issue. Body impressions actually decrease over time when the comfort layers are given time to settle to their normal height. Body impressions up to 1" - 11/2" are common with a new mattress.

Frame Center

Always use a strong, stable foundation frame. Queen and king size beds require a metal bed frame with a rigid center support to comply with our warranty. Center supports for queen should have one leg, while the king size should have two.

New Mattress Smell

Just like a new car, your mattress may have that new smell. Before putting on your bed linens, let your new sleep set "air" for a few hours upon removal from the plastic packaging.

Mattress Pad

The use of a mattress pad may prevent your mattress from becoming soiled or stained, which would void your warranty. The use of a mattress pad is certainly recommended.

Mattress Delivery or Moving

So your delivery will go as smooth as possible, please consider doorways, staircase clearance and the size of the room. Our experienced delivery crews know how to deliver your mattress set in the best, safest way.


The warranty covers only the following items during normal wear:


  • Wires that are loose, broken or protruding through fabric
  • Body impressions that measure 1 1/2" or greater, only if the mattress has been continuously supported by a matching foundation (or equivalent) and used with as appropriate frame and center support, or a minimum of 5 cross slats with center support that extends to the floor.
  • Broken or loose support elements
  • Compression or unstapling of support elements
  • Broken or loose grid top
  • Splitting of the wood frame
  • Loose, bent or defective wood beams
  • Sagging, but only when continuously supported with an appropriate frame with a rigid center support
The warranty does NOT cover items such as, but not limited to:
  • Bedding height
  • Comfort preference
  • Bent perimeter border rods due to moving or bending the sleep set
  • Fabric stains, soiling or burns
  • Replacement of another piece in a sleep set, unless it is also defective
  • Transportation and inspection costs
  • Body impressions less than 1 1/2"
  • Damage of the mattress or foundation due to abuse
  • Mattress damage due to inappropriate foundation
  • Sheet fit
  • Mattress fabric

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