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When shopping for a new flippable mattress king, queen, full or single in Rochester, NY it is important to exhaust all possibilities to find your perfect mattress.  At Sleep City, we suggest customers consider our 20 different two-sided flippable mattresses because of the many benefits.  

For one, two-sided flippable mattresses typically have a longer life.  Built from the core out, both sides of the mattress are built with the same comfort and design.  Since both sides have the same support, you can flip and rotate the mattress and still sleep well while also extending the life of your mattress because you are not wearing down one side. 

Secondly, these flippable mattresses are cost-efficient.  These mattresses tend to cost about the same as a one-sided mattress but last longer than a one-sided mattress.  The bottom line, you are getting more for your money! 

Lastly, the materials of a two-sided flippable mattress last longer than that of a one-sided mattress.  Mattresses form to your body over time and they should.  However, if the formation stays too long or becomes too deep, the materials might break down and you could damage the mattress.  Luckily, double-sided mattresses can flip over.  Flipping the mattress over allows the flipped side to recover while giving you the same comfort on the other side.  

At Sleep City Henrietta, Greece, and Webster locations in Rochester, NY, our professionals are able to assist you in finding your perfect mattress. We care about your sleep, so call today with any questions or schedule a private appointment!

Whether it's a stylish new futon for your dorm or apartment, quality beds for the kids' bedrooms, or a luxurious new mattress for your master suite, Sleep City has the experience, the selection and the genuine compassion to help you make the best choice.

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