When choosing a mattress, there are several things you must consider when deciding on a size. Different bed sizes are better for certain types of people and sleeping situations. You should keep in mind what room size you are working with and who will be sleeping in the bed itself. Everyone has their preferences but here is some information on what each bed is best suited for.

Twin Mattress Size

A twin is one of the smaller beds along with a crib. It’s dimensions are roughly 39” x 75”. Typically, this size bed would go into a children's room. They are also used in college dorms and/or smaller bedrooms and apartments. Also, couples who want to share a room but not a bed will get twin beds for their larger rooms. The recommended room size for a twin bed is around 7’ x 10’. These beds allow some wiggle room for a small animal to sleep with you but are mostly there to get the sleeping job done.

Full Mattress Size

A full bed is typically around 54” x 75” in size. Children who are outgrowing their twin bed usually fit comfortably in these and can accompany another small individual if need be. These beds are also very common in hotels and for futons. Full beds are often found in teen's rooms since they allow them to have the room they need as they are growing. A full will also allow more room for lounging and possibly a larger pet to cuddle with you at night. The recommended room size is around 10’ x 12’ and you should be aware of other furniture that will be in the room.

Queen Mattress Size

Average dimensions for a queen are around 60” x 80”. Queen beds are the most common size people buy for their rooms. This size is great for couples because it allows them to sleep together but have some room to breathe. If you are a single sleeper this gives you plenty of room for sleep and enough room for movement if you tend to move a lot at night. Also, if you are sleeping alone or with another individual, you may also have room for your furry friend to hop in comfortably. Keep in mind what furniture is also going in the room since the recommended room size is between 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 14’ depending on how much walking room you want or need.

King Mattress Size

The king is the largest bed (other than the unique California king beds). They run dimensions of 76” x 80” inches. The size of a king is optimal for couples who sleep together. It may also be a good decision to invest in a king if you have children or animals you sleep with you often. If you sleep alone this bed will give you plenty of space and will allow you to lay sideways while reading or watching television. This bed also comes with a split box spring to allow for easy maneuvering when moving the bed into a room. Since these beds are so large, you would want a room size between 10’ x 14’ and 13’ x 13’ depending on desired walking space and how large the additional furniture in the room will be.

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