Split King
Adjustable Mattresses

Split King Mattresses are mattresses that combine to be the size of a traditional king mattress. To break it down further, a king mattress is essentially two twin xl beds together with a grand total at 76 inches by 80 inches.

Split mattresses hold many benefits. For one, they can be split. Having to move a large king bed  is difficult, but being able to split the beds allows for an easier move.

With that, these mattresses allow for partner preference. For example, one partner may have GERD or acid reflux causing heartburn or acid reflux, but raising their head helps reduce the frequency of experiencing these pains. With problems like GERD and acid reflux, adjusting the mattresses upward also reduces snoring. However, while one party may need the bed to be raised the other may not and split beds allow for one side to be raised while the other lays flat. This in turn, allows partners to sleep together while accommodating their individual preferences or needs.

Further, these beds reduce motion transfer. Meaning, if one partner rolls over or gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the other partner does not feel the movements while sleeping because they are essentially laying on separate mattresses.

Since split mattresses are two mattresses combined, one mattress can be adjusted or replaced without having to change both mattresses. For example, one partner may wear through his or her mattress quicker than the other and without having to replace a whole mattress they can replace just one split mattress. Also, this again shows how these mattresses can accommodate to each partner's preference, as one may want a softer mattress, while the other partner may want a firmer mattress.

Lastly, since you are on two separate mattresses, split mattresses allow for personal space whenever it is necessary while also giving partners the option to sleep close.

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